We're thrilled to announce the talented winners of the Central Istria Gourmet Getaway!

These incredible individuals have been selected to join us on this transformative workation journey. We had a great pool of applicants, and it was very hard to choose. Thank you to our judging panel from DNA Croatia and Adventurel

Here are the winners:

Danielle Farage - Gen Z Futurist, educator, and community builder, working on her book during the getaway. She aims to communicate through 'Danielleisms' and 'Friendtorships' to enhance conscious thinking and relationship building.

Yuval Ackerman - Resident pasta-obsessive and storyteller, will share her journey discovering local cuisine in Istria through posts and emails, using her unique analogies to dive into deeper topics.

Lizzy Komen - Amsterdam-based food photographer and recipe developer, working on her first cookbook with food photography and videos. She aims to capture mouthwatering images and share her culinary passion.

Paul Bradbury - Runs the Total Croatia News, will create a series of 4 videos to showcase Croatia's lesser-known destinations and festivals, sharing the beauty and lifestyle of Central Istria.

Shaun Busuttil - Seasoned digital nomad and writer, will compose an academic journal on the "commodification of community" in the digital nomad space, contributing to the discourse on digital nomadism.

Nilesh Pandey - Tech founder and entrepreneur, will explore the culture, food, and friendships in Central Istria while working on his latest project, bringing innovation to the region.

Ali Greene - Remote Work Leader, Advocate, and Speaker, is on a mission to empower people and companies to thrive through flexible work. She'll continue her work remotely while enjoying the Istrian environment.

Thank you to all who applied! You are welcome to register for the weekend activities including dining meet-ups and follow our socials for more details.

Taste the Treasures of Central Istria - win a Gourmet Getaway - Workation & Workshops 3.11 - 3.12.2023

Enter to win a Gourmet Getaway - Workation & Workshops in a rural coliving villa i Central Istria. Four winners will be chosen. Entries are open until midnight CET on Sunday 24 September 2023.

The inaugural Central Istria Gourmet Getaway - Workation & Workshops will be held from 3 November to 3 December 2023 in a rural coliving villa in Croatia.

Over the course of 4 weeks– and many a three course meal, 4 winners will join a select group of digital nomads and mentors to experience the culinary delights of the charming interior of the Istrian Peninsula - full of hilltop medieval villages and traditional konobas*.

The program includes:


    Focus time - in the coliving villa or coworking space.


    The option to join our experts for a local niche tourism workshop, anthropology for digital nomads, a sunrise drone safari and mentor workshops of choice for our winners (in person or virtual).


    “Nomad Table” dinners at local konobas.


    Meet the Makers: learn local culinary crafts at four gourmet masterclasses.


    Free days.

See the program PDF for more details.


Located 1-3 hours from six airport hubs, and well-connected by road, the small towns and villages of Central Istria pride themselves on an Authentic Istria ethos; upholding food and wine traditions for true field to fork experiences in bucolic surrounds. Add abundant nature trails for hiking and cycling, fishing and local food production - from sausage, olive oil and wine making to truffle hunting.

The picturesque and serene rural setting provides ample focus-time, and the workation offers winners their choice of mentor for together in one setting - a restored school, now 9-room coliving villa.

Central Istria is 3 hours from Venice. It’s a 6 hour drive from Munich. It’s a 15 hour vanlife road trip from Rotterdam… and if you’re already a digital nomad in Croatia, a bus or Bla-Bla rideshare will take you there. There’s also a train line from Pula!

If you’re new to working remotely, or a seasoned digital nomad - this experience caters to all levels, and you’ll be supported by the organising team and an experienced live-in coliving community manager.


Enter for your chance to win 1 month in a rural co-living villa for a food-and-focus themed workation and custom workshops. The Gourmet Getaway runs from 3 November to 3 December 2023. The getaway includes up to 1 month free accommodation, dinners, workshops and local foodie masterclasses.

All who apply access special deals from our partners.


Four people in need of a foodie and focus themed workation. You have a passion - and knack, for storytelling or have a passion project you keep putting off.

Winners 1 & 2:

STORYTELLERS - Beginners to advanced.

If you're an established or aspiring creator, across any medium - we'll match you with a mentor and you will work on telling the story of a local producer (eg. wine makers, truffle hunter, apiarist, etc). Our mentors include food and travel writers, photographers and marketers.

Winners 3 & 4:

PASSION PROJECT - It’s time to bring your project to life!

We think rural spaces are great for focus time. Have you got a project on the back-burner? Need to be in a distraction-free zone? A book. Blog. Side business.... Think of this as a "turn-key" workation; we do the planning - from weekly menus to hiking trail tips and wine tastings. You just show up, do your thing and help set the table at group meal times. And clean up, of course.

Each winner will present their finished work to the group at a finale workshop.

We're excited to see your ideas. Especially around RURAL FOOD DESTINATIONS. (Hint Hint).

Terms and Conditions apply.

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